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Charles Delano Stanton
May 04, 2017
Virginia Emma Hubbard
May 03, 2017
Nancy Ann Baxley
April 23, 2017
Ralph E. Pardieck
April 07, 2017
Ivan John Hunteman
April 04, 2017

Our Flowers

Flowers from The Woods

Columbus, IN Location
800-251-2143 (toll free)


Did you remember that her favorite flower was a yellow rose? Or that he loved the smell of wildflowers in the spring? Will the beauty of a simple white rose remind the family of the innocence and purity of their child? Will an arrangement of green plants be an ongoing reminder of the renewal of life? When words aren't sufficient or when you simply don't know what to say - flowers or a small gift can often send comfort and a message that you care to bereaved families.

At Burkholder Funeral Home we recommend local florists who we trust to prepare the perfect live arrangement for your loved one. Flowers from the Woods was started in 1973 in Columbus, Indiana.

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